Swimming pool rules:

Users are required to comply with the following rules:

  1. The maximum number of bathers present in the water must be not exceed 20 people
  2. The depth of the pool is cm. 140
  3. It is forbidden to dive
  4. It is recommended not to get wet if three hours have not passed since eating a meal or drinking alcoholic beverages
  5. It is mandatory to use rubber slippers in barefoot paths and go from the foot wash tub before entering in the area
  6. It is mandatory to take a shower before entering in the pool
  7. It is forbidden to climb over fences and introduce animals
  8. The nearest toilets are located at the left side of marble stairs or we recommend that you use those inside the individual units
  9. Access to the pool is allowed from 9,30 am to 19,00 pm
  10. The pool is NOT guarded, there is NO lifeguard
  11. Access TO MINORS is forbidden if not accompanied
  12. In case of adverse weather conditions (storms, strong winds, etc.), access to the pool area is forbidden
  13. For any eventually and to activate an alarm, refer to the Direction desk
  14. The manager of the pool is mr. ZECCHINELLI GIAMPAOLO.
  15. Please call number +39 348 8708074
  16. First aid devices are indicated below (useful numbers)
  17. In case of a person in difficulty, please use the LIFEBELT on the north side wall
  18. In case of necessity the first aid box is present at the breakfast hall
  19. It is strictly forbidden to bring bottles or other glass containers to the pool area
  20. It is strictly forbidden to lean over the railing and the parapets
  21. It is strictly forbidden to enter in the pool area out of the opening hours
  22. It is allowed to use the pool exclusively for the guest of the farm
  23. Guests are kindly required to be correct and maintain appropriate behavior in respect of all people
  24. Please guests not to leave their wallets and properties unattended

The management declines all responsibility for non-compliance with the rule indicated in this regulation



First aid 118 – carabinieri 112 – police 113 – fire fighters 115

Please give this address: Agriturismo “IL BIOTTO”, San Giorgio di Valpolicella, via case sparse Ca De La Pela, 5